TAKE 2 TM Bouncy-Gel Facial Cream

  • SKU315-048
  • 1.7 OZ

Our TAKE 2 Bouncy-Gel Facial Cream was formulated to target the various skin care challenges of women over 50 years of age. Specifically designed for skin that is lacking hydration and firmness, for skin that shows visible wrinkles and for skin that has lost its elasticity and bounce.

Regular use can help the skin regain moisture and help smooth the look of the skin’s surface.


TAKE 2 Bouncy-Gel Facial Cream looks and acts like a memory-foam mattress topper- virtually melting into the skin, sinking into the wrinkles and then expanding to fill out and smooth uneven surfaces, instantly and temporarily creating an extra smooth, firmer, more compact looking surface, like a memory foam topper on top of an old mattress.  

 The unique dual action of high performing ingredient technologies work together to directly improve the skin’s surface texture with an immediate smoothing result, while long-lasting skin resilience effects are reached, thanks to powerful elastin peptides. 

Directions: Use day and night after cleansing the skin. Gently massage on to the face and neck. Can be layered on top of serums or lighter creams. For external use only.