Over a quarter century ago, Serious Skincare found its place in the skincare business as an acne and problematic skincare line. Addressing both youth and the ever growing issue of adult acne. Since then our focus has been to deliver solutions to your skincare problems. We've never lost sight of our origins we continuously evolve and keep your skin Continuously Clear.


Due to the thin, concentrated nature of serums, they are absorbed easily and rapidly into even the deepest layers of the skin. Serious Skincare offers day and night serums with a variety of key ingredients from Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, and Argireline to Retinol. Serums are the ideal product to use under creams or alone to insure that your skin gets the highest concentration of the anti-aging ingredients it needs.


Counter the effects of dehydration by replenishing your skin with a serious hydrating face cream. Serious Skincare offers a plethora of moisturizing creams, lotions, and body butters so you can be sure that your skin is supple and smooth.