Reverse Lift Firming Pads TWIN PACK

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  • 60 CT
Serious Skincare BOGO Reverse Lift Firming Pads
You're efficient. You accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Take the same attitude with your skin care. With just a quick swipe, one pre-soaked pad bathes your skin in skin-loving ingredients, so you can enjoy firmer-looking skin in no time. 

What You Get
  • (2) 60-count Reverse Lift Pre-Soaked Firming Facial Pads


  • Convenient firming beauty treatment
  • Bathes skin in exclusive Argifirm firming complex
  • Layers skin in weightless skin-loving ingredients 
  • Refreshingly cool solution provides an immediate feeling of temporary lift and rejuvenation to the entire complexion
  • Made in USA