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Serious Skincare was founded over 2 decades ago, originally to address acne and problematic skin. From the beginning, we’ve been providing sensible and effective beauty solutions for a myriad of skincare and cosmetic issues.

My own experience with Serious Skincare came as I was working as a young model and I was trying to overcome devastating acne. I discovered Serious Skincare after searching the globe for a workable solution to the battle I was waging – both physical and emotional. Once I found success, I partnered with the originators to make this amazing skincare concept available everywhere – not an easy task considering the choices available to us on the market. From the moment we were able to tell our story to a national audience, Serious Skincare was a success. It was from this success that I co-founded the brand we know today – multiple regimens and innovative, targeted tools that help tens of thousands of women and men face the world with greater confidence and strength.

Whether your concern is the look of aging on your skin or sagging skin; dry skin or sensitive; lack of elasticity or discoloration; an occasional breakout or acneic skin. No matter what “skin you’re in…” Serious Skincare is the line for you.

Thank you for visiting seriousskincare.com today. It’s our hope that you will be able to use these pages as much as a resource in your skin care plan, as much as you transact. I invite you to reach out to our team under the “ask the experts” section if you have any questions about Serious Skincare, including which line or item is right for your needs, or how to use a specific item.



Jennifer Stallone