Manubis Manuka Hemp Facial Duo PLUS BONUS Manuka Honey Cleanser

  • SKU316-019

Manuka Honey, Hemp Seed Oil and multi-molecular Hyaluronic Acids come together in the wonderfully hydrating, skin coddling, concentrated facial serum. Manuka Honey, long recognized for its hydrating qualities, visibly calms, soothes and comforts the skin with moisture. Cold pressed seeds from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, offers an elegant, light and luxurious skin-feel. Hemp Seed Oil Extract is a highly nourishing, rich source of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

A combination of four different kinds of Hyaluronic Acid is also featured in this formula, ranging from an ultra high molecular weight to an extremely low molecular weight- to help build up and form a network of layered hydration helping to keep the skin super supple and appearing elastic.

Rich Manuka Honey and wonderfully hydrating Hemp Seed Oil come together in the nurturing and moisture dense all over Facial Balm.

Incorporate this hydrating duo into your skincare routine!

Set Includes Includes
Manubis Manuka Honey & Hemp Seed Oil HH Facial Concentrate 1 oz.
Manubis Manuka Honey & Hemp Seed Oil HH Facial Moisture Balm 1 oz.