Manubis Manuka Hemp Concentrate

  • SKU316-020
  • 1.0 OZ

+ Manuka Honey, Hemp Seed Oil and multi-molecular Hyaluronic Acids come together in this wonderfully soothing, skin coddling, concentrated facial serum.

+ Manuka Honey- Considered the ‘champagne of honey, has naturally moisturizing and soothing properties  to calm and nurture

+ Hemp Seed Oil Extract provides phytonutrients to hydrate and replenish

+ Multi-Weighted Hyaluronic Acid builds a three dimensional network of hydration, replenishing water from the outside and retaining water from the inside to regain a look of youthful elasticity

+ Regular use revitalizes the skin so beautifully and supple the complexion regains a honey-like shine.