Liquid Laser Gentle Hair Remover

  • SKUSSC701115
  • 8.0 OZ

Say farewell to fuzz. Liquid Laser quickly removes unwanted hair, so you can cross that off your list of things to worry about. Smooth move!

What it does


  • Gentle Hair Remover

    Quickly removes unwanted hair. Fine for bikini area.


    • Smooth onto completely dry skin.
    • Apply a thick, even layer completely covering the hair you wish to remove.
    • Do not rub in.
    • After 3 minutes, test a small area.
    • If hair does not wipe off easily, re-cover hair with cream and leave on a few minutes longer.
    • Do not exceed 10 minutes.
    • To remove hair, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water using a washcloth if necessary.
    • Do not rub or use soap. Pat dry.
    • Results not guaranteed; individual results may vary.