Lash Bath & Conditioner DUO - Eye Make-Up Remover + Lash Enhancing Peptides

  • SKULB-1
  • 4.0 OZ

Eye Make-Up Remover + Lash Enhancing Peptides

Much more than just an Eye Make-Up remover, Serious Skincare’s LASH BATH expertly and gently cleans the lashes from makeup, concealer and mascara as it leaves behind remarkable lash enhancing peptides to treat and enhance the look of the lashes.

Gentle, dual phase, oil-free formula activates when shaken to gently whisk away eye makeup—even waterproof mascara—without any greasy residue.

Active peptides adhere to the root of the lash, strengthening the hair follicle for less-lash-loss and lingers to encourage an increase of lash volume and length

Grow new lashes every time I remove my mascara? YES, please!!

Makeup Remover + Lash Grower ALL-IN-ONE

Goodbye old mascara. Hello new lashes!

**Mascara Wand is not Included

You will receive TWO Bottles