A Defiance TM Retinol Renewal Gel and A Pads DUO

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  • 1.0 OZ

Renewal gel - An overnight anti-aging gel, applied to the skin at night to help keep the skin looking fresh and renewed. Containing 9 Different AHA sources, it is a wrinkle reduction skin smoother and brightener. 

The Vitamin A pads will flood your skin with Vitamin A and are an easy way to apply Retinol to your skin.

You can combine the two products or you can use the renewal gel at nighttime and put a moisturizer on top if you wish, and use the pads during the day with your serum, eye and moisture cream with  built in spf 30. 



  • Has the goal of reducing the look of wrinkles overnight with even more reduction over time.*

  • Has the goal of providing a brightened skin appearance within 28 nights of use.*

  • *Results not guaranteed; individual results may vary.