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A-Duo (Classic)
Price: $66.00
Fight the tell-tale signs of aging with Serious Skincare A Defiance Trio! This trio formulated with Vitamin A and retinol, a combo that's renowned for bringing forth youthful looking and fresh skin. It utilizes state-of-the art technology to "nanofy," or shrink, the particle size of retinol, which in turn helps it penetrate deeply for a sustained release of retinol throughout the day. Formulated with time-released nanoencapsulated retinol and retinol palmitate, it also helps fight the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles.
Revolt against the signs of aging with these resveratrol-rich beauty products. They're formulated with age-defying beauty properties that help minimize the appearance of aging skin. Start a revolution! What You Get Serious Skincare Resveratrol Skin Resurrection Duo
If you're starting to see skin that is not so firm, give it an extra lift with products containing Argifirm with our Reverse Lift kit. This kit will keep your skin looking its healthy best. Reverse Lift with Argifirm Products have special beauty ingredients which have been shown to help temporarily hydrate, firm, tighten and streamline the appearance of sagging contours in the face and neck, leaving a visibly firmed appearance.
Longing for yesteryear's younger appearance? While you can't stop the march of time, you can battle against those visible reminders.These serums help condition, smooth out and soften the look of unwelcome fine lines and wrinkles.


1oz Reverse Serum Firming Facial Serum with Argifirm (retail $26.50)

1oz C Serum Vitamin C Ester Skin Conditioner (retail $28.50)

1oz O3 Mega Omega 3 Restoring Beauty (retail $32.50)


Reverse Serum: Formulated with our high performance, exclusive Argifirm complex - it helps smooth fine lines, helps with the appearance of large pores and wrinkles, and helps the skin look firmer.

C Serum:
Four Vitamin C Esters, an assortment of Vitamin C-containing botanicals, and the additional Rovisome C delivery system combine to help condition, smooth out and soften the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Omega 3 Restoring Beauty: O3 is an olive oil based serum which we loaded with Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to help keep your skin looking healthy and young.

V.Q.C.C. INTENSE COCONUT CONCENTRATE: V.Q.C.C. gently delivers amazing skin beauty results and features Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water and Coconut Extract.
Lavish yourself in luxury. These pamper-worthy products are enriched with olive oil to moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple. You get your favorite products to stock up!

What You Get:
16 oz Olive Oil Cleanser Classic
1 fl oz Olive Oil Mega Omega 3 Restoring Beauty Therapy Classic
4 oz Olive Oil Body Scrub Classic
4 oz Olive Oil Intensive Repair Hair Mask Classic
4 oz Olive Oil Hand Cream Classic

Olive Oil Emulsifying Cleanser dissolve dirt and make up effortlessly and with maximum delicacy to the skin and instantly turns into a fine, silky foam when comes into contact with water.

First Pressed Olive Oil Mega Omega 3 Restoring Beauty Therapy specifically address the look of fine lines and wrinkles and aging skin. Use in conjunction with our other olive oil products.

Olive Hand Cream is made from first pressed, 100% virgin olive oil, leaf extracts and enriched shae butter, it improves moisture levels by nurturing the skin with a blanket of olive oil.

Olive Oil Body Scrub is a whole body micro exfoliating beauty treatment that helps bring a polished, glowing appearance out form under dry skin.

Intensive Repair Hair Mask helps to restore strengthen and protect the hair while restoring softness and shine.

Daytech 30 & Panax G3 Anti Aging Duo

Give your skin the best defense against aging! doctors and experts agree- the most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. Daytech 30 protects the health and look of your skin with broad spectrum protection that screens the skin from both UVA and UVB's harmful and damaging sun rays. Along with six active sun protection ingredients, Daytech also features anti aging, anti oxidant ingredients at clinical levels to help keep the skin looking and feeling young, vibrant and healthy. The unique combination of protection, moisturization and revitalization makes Daytech 30 and irresistible, everyday necessary luxury.

Truly decadent. Formulated with three amazing ginseng root extracts harvested from around the globe, this luxurious facial cream slowly sinks into your skin, helping create a silky smooth moisture layer.
Super Creamerum Duo
Price: $179.00

This trio is a must have to refresh your skin both day and night! Loaded with antioxidant ingredients, vitamin D and brimming with peptide power - this combination is sure to help protect from free radical damage that can prematurely age the skin.


1.5oz CoQ10 Around the Clock Antioxidant Beauty Treatment Am/Pm (retail $ 39.50)
CONTAINS: 0.75 oz. A.M. CoQ10 Day Time Beauty Treatment + 0.75 oz. P.M. CoQ10 Night Time Beauty Treatment

1.7oz Safe - D Topical Vitamin D Cream (retail $ 29.50)

2oz No. 8 by SSC Facial Beauty Serum (retail $ 32.50)


CoQ10: Helps keep your complexion looking plump, hydrated and ready to face the day or night

Safe-D: Gives you skin a boost of vitamin D3

No. 8: Protects skin from antioxidant damage while improving the skins look and feel via peptide power
What you get:
16 oz. JUMBO SIZE 4 TIMES THE SIZE Glycolic Cleanser
2 oz. Glycolic Cream
60 ct. Glycolic Pads
1 oz. Glycolic Serum
4.2 oz. Glycolic Gommage
1 oz. Eye Demand
Blue Tote Bag
Super Creamerum Duo