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Clean & Clear Trio
Price: $49.95

Tired of blemishes ruining your day? This duo helps clear acne blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads while allowing your skin to heal. It has what it takes to keep your smiling face looking great every day.

You want your skin to look its best. And we're here to help you with that. Boasting powerful complexion-enhancing ingredients, this pair helps ensure your skin looks clear, bright and absolutely beautiful.  

What You Get

4.25 fl. oz. Gommage Skin-Clearing Beauty Treatment
2 fl. oz. Pure-Pep Fading Fluid for Skin Brightening
Clean. Clear. Beautiful. Three things you want for your skin. Three things you can have with this kit. The products work together to make your complexion look and feel absolutely gorgeous.

What You Get

1 fl. oz. Dry Lo Spot Treatment
12 fl. oz. Glycolic Cleanser
4.25 fl. oz. Gommage Skin-Clearing Beauty Treatment
Gommage Skin Clearing Beauty Treatment is a medicated exfoliating mask.
Win the war against adult acne and blemishes with regular use of this special formula. It helps clear up isolated pimples or acne blemishes and allows the skin to heal.
What You Get:
1 oz. bottle of Clear Dry-Lo Spot Treatment Acne Medication
What It Does:
Helps control isolated pimples or acne points
Help significantly diminish pimples and acne on the spot
Continuously Clear Dry-Lo Spot Treatment Acne Medication Features
Contains 10% colloidal sulfur
Intended for single pimples or isolated outbreaks, not for a large area of skin or persistent outbreaks
Cleanse your skin and help prevent breakouts with Continuously Clear Daily Ritual Acne Cleanser! This foaming cleanser has gentle scrubbing beads. The active ingredient, 2% salicylic acid, targets acne breakouts. The cleanser frees your pores of the debris buildup that can contribute to breakouts.
The Continuously Clear Acne Medication Moisture Replenishing Cream has what it takes to keep your smiling face looking great. If you're tired of blemishes ruining your day, get Continuously Clear Clearz-It Acne Medication to help! Give your acne-prone skin a treat and a treatment at the same time!